I know your trust and your time is a gift! I want to let you know what you can get from a partnership with me: 

  • I will show up when we schedule a session and will let you know if an urgent situation arises.  
  • I will work hard with you and for you! Supporting you will be a focus for me!  
  • I will seek insight if needed. Invariably, there will be situations that I’m not completely familiar with, and when that happens, I will do the work of researching and learning as much as I can.   
  • I will understand the limits. Some topics might come up, that are out of my level of experience. If I think we need to look for a recommendation for a counselor, I won’t hesitate to let you know that! Your well-being is my primary objective!  
  • I will guard your trust. Sharing your heart or parts about your life is such a gift, and I will steward that carefully! I’m a safe space, to be honest. What is said in our coaching sessions will stay there. As one of my best friends often says, I’ll put it “in the vault.”  
  • When we chat, my focus will be on you! I won’t attempt to multi-task while we chat. (This isn’t as common these days, so it bears being said!) 
  • I will be honest, even when it’s hard, but will deliver the truth with sensitivity and care.
  • Things that will just be a part of working with me:   
    • I will encourage you; I don’t know how not to!  
    • I’ll be praying for you. I believe in God and know that I will need His help as I support you, so I’ll be spending time seeking His guidance. It is in no way required or expected that you do, I just want you to know that vital part of who I am and what I will bring.   
  • Show up. When we set up a coaching session, please make sure you are ready to go when it starts. If possible, please find a quiet, private spot to chat. Also, please mute your phones. I can’t compete with all the notifications, so please help me out!   
  • Be honest. I know sharing things is a risk, but it will so benefit our time together if you take that risk!  
  • Do the homework. I’ll be giving you some action steps to take. It would be helpful if you could make carving out the time for those a priority. I completely understand that life always gets in the way, but please do your best to get those things completed. I promise it won’t be too much! 

Invest in you!