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Hi! My name is Amber, and I’m so delighted you stopped by this site! I know there are so many resources out there, so I’m grateful you took the time to visit mine! I’d like to tell you a bit about myself so you can get to know me better. 

I was born and raised in the Midwest and took the big risk of moving to the PNW about 5 years ago….all on my own! While I love the big sky over the cornfields of Indiana, a daily view of majestic mountains can’t be beat! Also, proximity to the ocean isn’t bad either!  

I am basically a newlywed, as I just married my husband in February of 2019! I waited a long time for him, and goodness was he worth the wait! We live in a small town in southwestern Washington with a sweet senior pup and a slightly entitled cat.

For the past 2 decades, I have worked mostly in Christian ministry roles, working primarily with churches, but also as a ministry coordinator for an intensive counseling program. I have spent extensive amounts of time caring for women around me by leading groups, mentorship and having deep conversations about life.  

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services, a degree that’s a sibling to social work, with a focus on connecting people with the resources they need. I believe, from time to time, we all need to be connected to resources- whether that’s the resource of a listening ear as we process change in our life, or the resource of assistance putting together a plan for achieving a goal or making a pivotal life choice. I’d love to walk beside you through whatever season of life you find yourself.  

Feel free to reach out with any questions- I know this may be the first time you’ve ever considered coaching, so I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! 

Amber Allworth

Life Coach

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