Stress Management

Mindfully Stitched

Mindfully Stitched Episode #044 I was introduced to my guest on this episode by Jacqui Blakemore who was a previous guest, and boy am I thankful for that introduction! I[…]

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Back to “Normal”

Back to Normal Episode #040 On this episode of the podcast, we have Dr Kristen White back on the podcast! Dr. White has some great insight to share as we[…]

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Addressing our Mental Health

Addressing our Mental Health Episode #031 Today’s guest is our first doctor! We welcome Dr. Kristen White to the show to chat about the impact the last year has had[…]

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A Caring Roadmap

A Caring Roadmap Episode #030 Christ Freeze is the founder of CARE by Christie, and I interview her today on the podcast. She has created a roadmap to help people[…]

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Take a breath.

Take a breath.  I don’t remember what had happened first, but one thing after another led to some major stress. My tension had grown more intense, and I wasn’t in a[…]

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