Aligning Beliefs with Actions
Aug 06 2021

Aligning Beliefs with Action

Episode #010

A lot of people talk about making their actions align with what they believe, but it’s not always something that we witness being lived out. On today’s episode, I get to talk to Kathleen Moman. She currently has 5 children in her home that are 5 and under! Kathleen shares so much wisdom in this episode, and I’m so excited for you to hear it! She escaped to the front porch for the interview, so you’ll hear some windchimes and ducks in the background…it really feels like we’re having a chat in the country, sitting on a swing on her porch!

Kathleen shares how she uses her Mary Kay business to fund home improvement projects that enable them to house and care for more kids! I would highly encourage you to reach out to her if you need to make a purchase or if you might want to get a gift or two this holiday season! She is putting her earnings to such great use! Here’s a link to her website:


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