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Healthy Choices & Kids

Healthy Choices & Kids Episode #042 My good friend Molly Robinson is back on the podcast today to chat about healthy choices and kids. This conversation is SUPER practical and[…]

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Addressing our Mental Health

Addressing our Mental Health Episode #031 Today’s guest is our first doctor! We welcome Dr. Kristen White to the show to chat about the impact the last year has had[…]

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A Caring Roadmap

A Caring Roadmap Episode #030 Christ Freeze is the founder of CARE by Christie, and I interview her today on the podcast. She has created a roadmap to help people[…]

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Recovery that Led to a Mission

Recovery that Led to a Mission Episode #027 In this episode, I chat with Jake Schaap all about his diagnosis with an autoimmune disease and the journey he took to[…]

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Protection, Recovery, and Rest

Protection, Recovery, and Rest Episode #022 We chat with Tracy McDaniel on this episode. The first half of this episode is all about human trafficking. Tracy shares some incredible information[…]

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Savor without the Guilt

Savor without the Guilt Episode #008 There are so many yummy foods associated with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season, but for many of you those foods might just involve guilt[…]

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Growth and my Garden

“I’m basically a farmer now.” This is the text I sent that accompanied a picture of 1 cucumber and 1 cherry tomato this week. I repeat 1 (ONE) cucumber and 1[…]

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Ditching the Diet

Ditching the Diet Episode #003 On today’s show, I interview Molly Robinson. Molly is a registered dietitian, and we have a great conversation about making a change in the area[…]

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