Growth and my Garden

I'm basically a farmer now.

This is the text I sent that accompanied a picture of 1 cucumber and 1 cherry tomato this week. I repeat 1 (ONE) cucumber and 1 (ONE) tomato. 

I was ridiculously excited about and proud of my first harvest! (And my friends that are REAL farmers just roll their eyes and laugh)

As I was reflecting on my first “harvest” and the excitement regarding it, I started thinking a little deeper. (I know, SHOCKING!) 

I planted those vegetables over 2 months ago. I spent a great deal of time prepping my little garden for the planting season, and have spent considerable time weeding, caring for, and watering. My husband, who doesn’t even eat veggies, has helped with the watering. I’ve taken a couple of trips that have involved asking neighbors to help water that blessed plot of earth. You don’t even want to know the concern I had during days of excessive heat as I watched those plants from my air conditioned home, wishing them well, and rushed out as soon as the sun went down to check on them. 

Am I resentful of the work the garden takes? Nope! I enjoy it! (Well, most days!)

So here’s the deeper thoughts I referred to earlier: 

It took time and care before there was a harvest.

I haven’t begrudged these little plants the time and energy they have taken. I’ve watched with glee as the little buds appear, as the tomatoes outgrow their cages, as the cucumber climbs. They took their time, and I patiently waited.

But… do I approach a harvest in my own life when I’m planting or attempting something new?

That thought pricked a little close. As I reflected on it, more thoughts followed.

  • Do I invest the time I need for the growth I desire?
  • Do I marvel at the growth when I see it?
  • Do I celebrate with others at the signs of life and change? 
  • Do I get discouraged and give up when the growth doesn’t happen quickly?

So, in what area are YOU trying to grow a garden in your life? What growth do you need to notice and celebrate? 

I’d encourage you to share the growth with a good friend! 

Let’s spend time growing what we can, and then let’s marvel at what happens!


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