Taking a Risk

Taking a Risk

Episode #002

In this first regular episode of The Allworth It Podcast, I interview my little brother, Stephen!

Other than being one of my favorite humans, I was excited to talk to Stephen about a big risk he took in going back to graduate school to get a master’s degree in business and education. He is now an assistant principle. On this episode, we talk about the risks he took, fear of failing and the fear of not matching up to your peers, and the fear of discomfort. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I hope you will too!

I hope your take-away from this episode is to take a chance. As we navigate uncertain times, it might be easy to settle into what’s comfortable and safe, I hope this will encourage you to take a step or two out of your comfort zone!

Also, there’s a BIG surprise announcement in this podcast Super proud of this guy and can’t wait to have him back in the future!

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