Choosing the Change

We spend a lot of our life in transition and change.

From the moment we enter the world, a lot of things change, and they change quickly. Not only do WE change but the world around us changes too. Then we move through childhood changing grades, hobbies, and sometimes friends, and this is just the beginning of the changes. 

Sometimes we experience change because other people decide on those changes. A relationship ends, our company promotes us, our family changes, or we graduate college and are thrown into the business world.  

But other times, we make the choice to change.

It may start with a gnawing sense that something needs to be different, or we may spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about an alternate reality for our life- I’m not talking about imagining that we’re someone else, just wondering what our life could be like if we took a different path. 

These feelings don’t have to be about larger-than-life types of decisions or changes, it can be about changing the way you care for your body, your finances, or your house.

But these feelings can also be about big things:

  • Moving across the country (I did that) Want to learn more about that? Check out this blog post!
  • Going back to school (I also did that)
  • Changing your career (did that too)
  • Entering into a new relationship (also me!).

We are at any time just a few pivotal decisions away from changing the trajectory of our life…now that’s exciting! And terrifying.

If you find yourself itching to change something in your life, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

So, let’s start by thinking about all the other changes you have experienced in your life. What is different about your life when you were 5 years old? What’s different from when you were 10 years old? What’s different from when you were 16? Or in your 20’s? 30’s? 40’s? 50’s?

I know, I know…. this seems silly but take a second to remember at all that has changed in your life! Unless you still use a pacifier or attend pre-school, you’ve proven that you are adaptable.

You might be thinking, well that’s great Amber, but what do I do next? That was YEARS ago, this is now, and this change is complicated. I could lose a lot. I’m scared. I’m uncertain.

Good news, I have a FREE resource for you to use to use today to begin  considering what intentional changes might be next for you! 


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