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Choosing the Change

We spend a lot of our life in transition and change. From the moment we enter the world, a lot of things change, and they change quickly. Not only do[…]

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Jun 06 2020

Wanna Risk It?

I play things safe. Usually.    I wasn’t the most fun big sister to have growing up. I didn’t take risks if I thought someone might get hurt or we might get in[…]

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Take a breath.

Take a breath.  I don’t remember what had happened first, but one thing after another led to some major stress. My tension had grown more intense, and I wasn’t in a[…]

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Why do I need a coach?

I might not play a sport…so why do I need a coach? I didn’t play sports growing up- athleticism wasn’t a gift that got handed my direction. But my brother[…]

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Now that’s a LOT of change!

I moved to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) in my mid-thirties as a single woman. Due to a couple of decades spent dealing with chronic health problems, I hadn’t had what[…]

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Jun 03 2020

Just a season

Seasons come and they also go. For a few months, there are lots of bright green leaves on the trees, and a few days later those leaves change to brown and[…]

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