Wanna Risk It?
Jun 06 2020

play things safe. Usually.   

I wasn’t the most fun big sister to have growing up. I didn’t take risks if I thought someone might get hurt or we might get in trouble. I didn’t climb trees. I never snuck out when I wasn’t supposed to. I wasn’t always the most fun to have around, because I was gauging the danger level. ALWAYS. I was however an easy child to parent.   

Fast-forward to the teenage years and that caution was heightened. I played it VERY safe…especially when I was driving a car or out with friends. Hey, I paid attention to all the teen after-school movies. I knew the dangers that lurked in this big scary world.   

In my twenties, I started to take more risks. Mind you, I wasn’t sky diving or speed racing, but I did start to take steps out of my comfort zone.   

This started with taking a trip to Alaska with a group doing a building project. On that trip, they drove us in a school bus out into the Alaska bush. We were to take a hike to a waterfall, but to get there you had to pass through an area known to be frequented by moose, which aren’t as friendly as Bulwinkle would lead you to believe. They had made it clear this was wilderness. I realized that if I got hurt, I wasn’t in an amusement park- help wasn’t right around the corner.   

I had a decision to make. I could stay safe on that bus, or I could risk the hike and all the wild animals that might be in that wilderness. I took a few steps forward and didn’t look back.  

Do you know what was at the end of that hike? The most incredible waterfall! It wasn’t like anything I had ever seen in the Midwest. I was invigorated! What might have been out there didn’t compete with what was at the end of the hike. This was a changing moment in my life.   

Now, I’m still not the most adventurous person you’ll ever meet. I live a pretty safe life, but if it’s worth it, I take a risk. I’ll take a hike through the wilderness to look at the waterfall.   

So how about you? What risk have you taken lately? Have you done the same things, the same way for a long bit of time? Have you done this because you’re afraid of what might happen on the way to the destination?   

Coaching might be a risk for you. It takes some bravery to put into words a dream for your life. It takes some bravery to admit an area of your life is stuck. It takes some risk to admit that you need to change some things to get into a healthier emotional space.   

Life Coaching could just be the first step you need to take to find the amazing view at the end of the process! Why not take a risk and schedule a coaching call today? 


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