Now that’s a LOT of change!

I moved to the PNW (Pacific Northwest) in my mid-thirties as a single woman. Due to a couple of decades spent dealing with chronic health problems, I hadn’t had what would be considered regular life experiences. I’d never lived outside of the state of Indiana. I also hadn’t dated much. I was busy dealing with my health, getting my college degree, and a career in church ministry.   

Once I was settled after the move, I gave dating a shot. I met someone and began a serious dating relationship. The problem was that neither of us had dated much, and I don’t think he was ready for a permanent relationship and all those entails. The last few months of our relationship were rough, and I ended things. That was most definitely not what I had imagined or wanted.  

Breaking up with someone in your teens or early twenties is different than in your mid to late thirties. There’s a strong difference in the optimism that another relationship would come along.  

I needed someone to talk to process the end of the relationship and my next steps.  

Yes, I had friends, but they had busy lives and schedules that included husbands, babies, and teens.  They could give me small chunks of their time, but much more time than that wasn’t as feasible or realistic.  

It was in that season of life that the dream of coaching was growing in my heart and mind. I could have used a coach to help me process what had just happened, and to help me consider when would be a good time to get back in the dating game. I needed someone not to just villainize my ex or tell me that I would find someone else. I could have used a coach to remind me about how things had started…what had I done right, what did I need to do differently in the future?   

Have you recently had some major life transitions that you’d like to learn from for the future? Could you use a coach to replay the game to learn what you might want to consider for the future? Why not set up some time to chat today? 


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