Just a season
Jun 03 2020

Seasons come and they also go.

For a few months, there are lots of bright green leaves on the trees, and a few days later those leaves change to brown and red. A few weeks later, those same trees are bare. Seasons change.   

When fall starts to turn to winter, you prepare your house and your yard. You cut back the plants, you put away the pool toys, and you pull in the outdoor furniture to protect from the snow, which will hopefully come. You should try to locate your gloves and coat, and if you’re really on your a-game, locate your ice scraper. You take the necessary steps to prepare for the next season, which can be brutal if you aren’t ready for it.    

Human emotions and relationships are the same. We have emotional seasons. 

We start jobs with lots of hope and ambition, and then things change, and we sense 
that it might be time to try a new role.  

We start a new relationship, with lots of hope and optimism that this “might be the 
one.” Then we realize that it wasn’t, or we weren’t, and that season is over.  

Or maybe we realize that it was “the one”, and a different new season is coming, and we need to prepare for that season too.   

“It’s just a season.”  

While preparing for a move to the Pacific Northwest, a dear friend told me to look at it as a season. I was entering a season of taking chances, of moving somewhere on my own, and doing it on my terms. Entering this new season, was a choice I was making. If it didn’t work out, that was okay. I could move back, and that season would end. I could choose to enter or exit this season. That perspective helped me realize that I could be brave and take the risk. If it didn’t work, another season was around the corner.   

Seasons always change. Always. 

What does this current season look like for you? Do you feel like you’re thriving or just surviving?  

What could you do to help prepare for the season that’s just around the corner? 


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