Why do I need a coach?

I might not play a sport...so why do I need a coach?

I didn’t play sports growing up- athleticism wasn’t a gift that got handed my direction. But my brother did. He played baseball, basketball, and football. Because of this, I spent HOURS at the field (or court or gym). 

We had practices in which he ran drills and they repeated plays over and over and over again. There were times that I truly thought I could go out on the field and replicated what I had seen, simply because I had seen it so many times. I thought that talent might have been transmitted my way, just by the repetition of watching it. (Sadly, it hadn’t) 

What I learned from watching all this, is that while each player matters, the coach also matters! The coach learns each player- their strengths but also their weaknesses. He put the player in the position that best lines up with their abilities. This impacts the players confidence, but it also helps the team be better!  

The players could play without the coach, this is just fact. But the players do better when the coach is at the game. When they have his eye on the plays, he knows how to take a time-out when needed. He knows how to give the players a break, when they need it. He has the wisdom to call for a play that will enable the team to win. Each player has to show up ready to play, but they need their coach at and in the game.  

 A life coach is like my brother’s little league coach. They take some time to get to know you- what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses? What position are you wanting to play, and what can we do to help you gain the skills you need to play that position? When might it be a good time to take a break? 

Coaching isn’t a science, but it is having a person that has experienced lots of different things, helping to encourage you through things, and hold you accountable for getting where you want to go? 

Are you ready to get a coach? Reach out to us today to set up your first “practice!”  


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